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jamar marvin simmons and his friend franklin coit. officers made the raid in southwest baltimore. we're live outside police headquarters where the two men are locked up this evening. >> reporter: kelly, instead of putting out fires, a city of baltimore firefighter is accused of putting on parties with prostitutes. folks in the neighborhood say they just thought they were throwing after-hour parties because there were a lot of cars and a lot of women. >> there was a lot of fine women going up in there. you know, i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: city police say there was a lot more to it than just that. they say 29-year-old jamar marvin simmons, a city of baltimore firefighter, and his firefighter, franklin coit, ran a sophisticated online prostitution ring. although the police will not go
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into details about this operation, they say they seized evidence that shows this had been going on for quite a while. >> various ledgers and documents would suggest that an online prostitution operation was being conducted from the location. >> reporter: also neighbors say unfortunately this area has a reputation for prostitution, but they never thought there would be anything going on like this just up the street. >> i've been living here for three years and i have children and i -- you know, really, it is like a shock to me. there's a lot of kids in the neighborhood. >> reporter: in that raid, city police also seized a quantity of marijuana and they said also some guns were seized. coit and simmons are facing drugs, guns and prostitution charges tonight. simmons, who is a 12-year
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veteran of the fire department, has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation in this case. kelly? >> all right, thanks a lot. now moving on to a developing story, the governors from six states announced the results of the executive council of the chesapeake bay program. they evaluated eight goals that states are trying to reach by 2025 and the largest water pollution control act in u.s. history. most of the states have reached at least half of those goals. don is out on the water to see just how clean our bays and tributaries are tonight. >> reporter: we all have a big impact on the bay. that's why people like diana help keep track of the waters that feed into the bay. diana is responsible for keeping track of the water quality in the south river so we can tell how the progress of
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the bay cleanup is doing. she says all the recent changes to the environment and weather affect the bay. >> between climate change, between excessive nutrients in our bays, between more events like tropical storm lee, we're going to see more sewage breaks, all of this stuff going into the bay. then when we get these heat waves, we'll so more of this more often. >> reporter: she sees affects from the western shore and eastern shore. >> storm water and septic, we see agriculture problems as well. you combine all of those into one big ooze for the chesapeake bay system. >> reporter: jennifer has been on the bay all her life. she now has two young boys and wants them to be able to enjoy the bay as much as she has. >> i think people could care a little bit more. i don't know that people
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understand what they're doing. i don't know that people who own properties along the bay understand the power that they have. >> reporter: if there's going to be a change in the water quality of chesapeake bay, everyone agrees it's not going to be the work of one entity. it's going to take an effort from everyone. farmers are already leading the nation in the use of cover crops. many say these additional regulations could put them out of business. the state plans to keep livestock owners from spreading manure for four months out of a year, and one farmer says that could cost him about $100,000 per year. >> they blame the farmer for all the problems on the bay. but, you know, we do a good job with our nutrient management. fertilizer costs too much to waste and we're not wasting it. we're applying it at the right time of the year in the right amounts because it costs too
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much to put down. >> a new rule would also force them to fence their properties. tonight we're getting a better idea of how our kids are doing in the maryland school assessment, after state leaders produced some very important test results today. if your kids have been trying harder in reading and math, that's a little bit of a reason to be happy tonight. when it comes to elementary school children, they're doing better in reading and showing a slight improvement. the same can be said for math proficiency levels. but the maryland state superintendent says there is hardly a reason to celebrate. >> there is nothing in these results to suggest to us that we have opportunities to sit back and relax. we have areas of needed
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improvement. >> now, when it comes to middle school students, there are some good and bad results. middle school students dropped nearly 1.5% in reading but did better in math. baltimore city leaders reacted to the news this morning of the test results. the city school district didn't see much change from last year. they actually saw a drop in reading with 67% of students performing at proficient or advanced levels, which was a drop of about 2% than last year. >> you know, most of the schools met their targets in reading. what i see is that there is a feeling that we made so much progress in the three years that i was year. >> is the city school districts
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say students performed about 2% better in math scores. when you get to, click on the education button to find out how your child's school district scored. all right. let's take a live look. there you go. traffic is moving very, very smoothly. there's definitely been a significant cool-down in the past 48 hours. but brace yourself. could we see another round of warmer temps in the coming days? let's check in with the man with the answers, meteorologist wyatt everhart, with a look at the first forecast. >> well, kelly, i don't see a huge surge in heat but i do see some signs we could get back into the 90's here. the only significant shower
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right now is actually toward kent island reaching up into centerville and rock hall. other than this particular shower, not seeing a lot of action here, pretty dry out there. but the clouds have thickened up over the last few hours, so we've lost some of that bright, sunny condition we had earlier today. temperatures, mid 80's now, but at one point downtown, baltimore and frederick both getting to 90 or a little above. 88 tomorrow we think on average but there will be spots hitting 90. we'll talk about how temperatures trend into your weekend. just a heads-up, you may temporarily lose water in baltimore city as workers check on our water main in southwest baltimore. temporary service interruption could happen on the west of 895 on south and west of cherry hill and carroll park on the east.
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governor martin o'malley and the louisiana governor on a war of words over texas. >> we're not going to raise texas, unlike other states that have raised their taxes, like maryland and illinois. we have not raised taxes since i've been governor. >> he touted his state's record on taxes while talking about a new business outsourcing center. a closer look at taxes in maryland shows that we're actually paying about 11% of our income toward taxes. according to the tax foundation, maryland ranks number 4 in the country, behind new jersey, new york and connecticut. our state leaders have approved five areas in the state to provide businesses with income tax and property
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tax credits to help create and keep jobs. the zones include parts of baltimore city and four other counties in the state. these areas will receive more than $35 million in property tax credits next year. a device designed to help here could make a difference for others. >> now i have a child who reads and speaks. >> hearing problems are helping doctors when it comes to diagnosing dyslexia. and good news for housing members. but first, let's take a live look in kansas city with not one, not two but three orioles representing baltimore in the big game tonight. we'll have the details coming up. looking forward to the game. also today, way below the old record of 107.
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three degrees off. don't forget to check out the radar where you live. in fact, you can pull up the exact look at the radar over your area. you can find it on our weather apps on teuns. more coming up. [ male announcer ] it would mean one billion dollars for maryland
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and our schools and teachers. thousands of good paying jobs it's the new resort casino at national harbor. but it won't happen unless lawmakers act right now. all that money -- and all those new jobs -- will go to delaware, pennsylvania, west virginia. the only loser: maryland schools. tell your delegate and state senator to vote yes for schools, jobs, and small businesses by saying yes to national harbor. [ horn honks ] ♪ oh, those were the best of days ♪ ♪ i still feel the summer rays ♪ that graced our backs as we went down the lane ♪
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[ horn honks ] [ male announcer ] when your car is more than just a car to you, the right insurance matters. are you getting the coverage options you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit in health news tonight, dyslexia affects millions of our kids. it makes reading and writing a frustrating challenge. there's a special group of kids providing some valuable insight into the disorder. >> so good to see you good!
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>> reporter: carson was born deaf but he's made remarkable progress. as a toddler, he got cochlear implants. >> he could not speak, and now i have a child who reads and speaks and laughs and he doesn't have to go to speech therapy. >> reporter: it's just that kind of progress researches were hoping to chart when they launched a study nearly a decade ago. the idea was to follow more than 100 years for years to see how cochlear implants might help them learn. but then researchers noticed something else. >> once you begin to scratch the surface, you often find these children have language deficits that can affect their performance in school. >> reporter: in fact, the language issues these kids have are remarkably similar to dyslexia. in a new study, suzanne of the ohio state university says these kids may have shown that hearing plays a vital role as
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well. >> we can really connect the dots between their perceptions, and the sort of language problem that results. >> reporter: she says by poring over a decade of research, scientists may be able to detect signs of dyslexia earlier. most kids aren't diagnosed until third grade. >> if we're able to identify these emerging problems in these children... >> really, it's hard to get precise numbers but experts say as many as 15% of all americans have dyslexia, so that's about one in six. the maryland state health care officials say they're prepared when the new affordable health care law goes into effect. about 145,000 people will get health care under the new law. the state hopes to have more
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than 450,000 people in maryland insured by the year 2020. maryland was one of 13 states to have five briefs in the u.s. supreme court in support of the health care law. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. you can see over kent island now, getting a pretty healthy downpour here, not detecting any significant like just yet here, but it's possible you could be hearing the rumble. this is needed rain. we can actually see that shower developing. as we go through the day here, from kent island, you see the clouds thicken up, and then there's our downpour. that storm is basically making visibility a little tougher over the bay bridge right now. be careful with that particular commute. right now, conditions are running in the mid-80's out there weather-wise. the numbers across the state
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are pretty moderate. compared to last week, this is nothing, as they say. winds are light and variable, five to 15. and the overall high temperatures today did press well into the low 90's in spots. inner harbor one of those spots, but most of us for most of the day were in the 80's. i think really a carbon copy tomorrow with even less of a storm chance. humidity is moderately high. the main weather focus has been just to our south and continues to be along that stationary frontal boundary, draped across tennessee and north carolina. a rotating disturbance just east of north carolina now, helping to kind of spin a few showers into our state but nothing overly significant, at least not yet. most of the significant weather stays south of us tomorrow. into the day thursday, still
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sort of hit-and-miss shower activity, mainly to our south. as we go into thursday, our big heat bubble shows its head again. but back here in the mid- atlantic, we still have seasonal levels, in the upper 80's to near 90. tomorrow, we'll see 88 degrees, but again the heart of the city likely will be hotter than that. tomorrow night, down to 65, partly cloudy. the outlook here, showing again that trend for hotter weather by late in the weekend and early next week. not tremendously hotter but we think that things will begin to heat up toward the middle of next week in particular, at least for a few days. >> we can deal with the 90's. >> each day, a slight chance of a passing storm, not really widespread heavy rain, except for maybe toward the second
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half of the week. home prices in maryland are up and those on the market are actually selling a little bit faster. homes on the market for just over five months. that's good because it was seven months last year. the average price of a home is now over $317,000, up 6% from this time a year ago. so good news. the maryland food bank got a high-tech donation today. representatives were on hand to unveil a newly donated wireless network for the warehouse. the technology upgrades include better internet capabilities for not just the warehouse but offices, the training room and the kitchen. at this point we're about 90 minutes away from the first pitch in tonight's all-star game in kansas city, and three orioles will be representing
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the american league east, adam jones, matt and jim johnson. we'll show you right now some of the live pictures from our sister station. clouds are already starting to gather. what does the weather look like there tonight? >> low 90's and sunshine, kelly. >> way to go for our o's who were selected this year. when you think about the states producing bananas, you usually think of florida. a live look this evening. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ before we go tonight, let's take a look at what we're looking at on tonight's news at 11:00. do you still want to take your kids out of town for the summer? six ways to cut the costs for family fun and summer road trips. also, investigators use hidden cameras to track down these thieves. those stories and a whole lot
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more tonight at 11. a new report surfaced today found that people in baltimore love their bananas. in fact, dole named charm city as the 2012 top banana city. >> the prices are cheap but you can't help but buy them, so they found a place that they can bring them in and get them on the shelves and people will pick them up at the right price. >> dole says it's going to be teaming up with baltimore retailers on a number of local in-store programs. >> how about ice cream and a cherry? there it is, a few showers across the area. 80's again tomorrow, kelly. >> all right.
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we'll see you again tonight. do you see it ?
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